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This newsletter is a creative expression of Aeryn North, and is meant to mirror my own journey as an artist, photographer, writer.

It’s a work in progress.. (and always will be), like any sketchbook, or art/photo journal.

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What are the subscription options?
There are three subscription levels: free; paid monthly; paid annually. Details about these ‘tiers’ is detailed below, but all come with gifts, or benefits.

What is the Privacy Policy?
The privacy of all subscribers, commenters, or folks who contact me about the project is always respected. Information collected will only be used by Aeryn North for the purposes of delivering the newsletter, and occasional additional emails relating to the Sketchbook project. There will always be an option to unsubscribe, and have your information deleted.

How can I contact you?
You can email me by responding to any newsletter you receive. (Please check your email folders for a response in case your provider files my reply separately, or even into your spam box).

Do you sell prints, or products, or provide other services?
Yes, you can purchase prints and products on Aeryn’s Gallery website.

Subscription Benefits

There are various options for subscribing to this Sketchbook newsletter. Please check you understand what you are signing up or paying for before subscribing, as refunds will not be given. Please note, I do my best to create for only myself, in a way that nourishes me as a creative person, so I do not take commissions, or create according to demand. This is about curating, and sharing work I’m already doing.

Free “Sign-Ups”

For casual readers who don’t want to miss a post, or go a little deeper than the Sketchbook, leave a comment, or ‘hello’..

All readers can see my sketchbook, with occasional freebies or gifts. If you sign up to the email newsletter you will be given a password at the top of each email that grants you access to my Gallery Archives. These Archives contain most of my work and you will have access to work that is not publicly available.

Monthly Subscribers

For those who want to contribute a donation, and access occasional extra content or downloads.

For paid subscribers there will be occasional additional content, and downloads. This is on an ad hoc basis, and may not be on a monthly schedule. It just depends on where I’m at with things. (Please do not have expectations about regularity, or schedule, but I will most definitely do my best to curate meaningful content and give you access).

I might expand what I offer at this level in the future.

Annual Subscribers

For those who want to purchase my work in my Gallery Store, I’m offering a really nice discount for annual subscribers.

You will be granted a deep 40% discount code for my Gallery Store which will be valid for 1 year, for multiple purchases. Please allow 2 weeks for your code to be generated and sent to you after subscribing. Purchase caps apply.

Super Subscribers

This is for those who are very interested in making large purchases in my Gallery Store.

The amount you subscribe at is up to you. I’m prepared to negotiate and create a generous custom package for you based on my Gallery Store. A large discount percentage, or perhaps you have another idea. So please contact me and let me know what you’re looking for before you decide an amount.

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For those that wish to subscribe anonymously, or without email.

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