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You are reading Aeryn’s Love Letter. This is a project to celebrate Life, Love, and the Universe passionately and with gratitude, through photography, writings, videos, drawings, scribbles, and other forms of self-expression. These are delivered by email in the form of a journal, love letter, blog post.

The Aeryn’s Love Letters subscription comes in two tiers.


All subscribers will generally receive identical letters. These are celebrations of the Divine, Love, the Universe, New Earth, and Inspiration delivered as photographs, art, drawings, and journals. All written and presented with care and love, by Aeryn North. All subscribers receive monthly downloadable gifts.


Private Members are subscribers who decide to donate to this project through a paid subscription. As a thank you for supporting me in this way, I gift them downloadable resources relating to most published letters. These are exclusively for Private Members and not generally shared elsewhere at all. They include full-resolution files and other exclusive content for download. Physical gifts (like original art works) are also available on a lottery basis for all paid members.

The membership rates for this tier will change in 2020. Members who subscribe in 2019, and who maintain their subscription can ‘lock-in’ their current rate.


Downloadable gifts are free to download, print, and remix or incorporate into your own projects. Please do not redistibute the original files, they are for recipients of the newsletter only. If you choose to share your derivative works (eg a coloured-in colouring page), you can optionally credit me, and link back to the Aeryn’s Love Letter project, or my website but you don’t need to. However, you may not sell or use commercially – this is strictly for personal use. If you want to use derivative works commercially, please contact me for permission.

This is a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.


Where can I find my free gifts?

Free subscribers receive a monthly download link at the top of their emails.

Paid membership subscribers have access to private “Membership Area” posts in the Archive. Download links and exclusive gifts are published there, and you will need to log in to your account to access these posts. They are available for about a year but do not appear in regular email letters.

Membership Area links - May 2019

I am a paying member. Please can you make an art work I have an idea for, or provide me with a high-resolution file of some of your work I found online?

Your membership is very much appreciated and supports the project in a very meaningful way to me. Unfortunately, your subscription rate does not include commisioned work, or requests. (I do not accept commissions at all at this time). All exclusive member links, and files provided are gifts, from me to you, and as a thank you for supporting the project to-date. As a member you have access to all gifts in the archive (up to one year).

Do you have a privacy policy? Do you see my email address, or payment details?

I respect your privacy and will only use your details to deliver the Aeryn’s Love Letter emails to you, and information regarding this project. You can unsubscribe at any time. Your email address is held on Substack servers and I only access it for the purposes of this project. I may in the future use a third party service solely to continue this project (for example, if I decide to transfer the project to a different host). I do not know, or have access to payment details.

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My Love Letter to the Universe. A Love Letter to Gaia, New Earth!

What inpires me?

Yes, New Earth! Have you heard of it? It’s not a new concept, but we are collectively experiencing a transitionary time in Human history. We are creating a new collective reality. Can you feel it? It’s here, already. It’s available to all, and the whole world is Awakening to it. Call it personal freedom; Unity; Self-Empowerment; Peace on Earth; a Golden Age; the Great Awakening; or Ascension. I am very happy to share my journey to a reality that is already here, that we are collectively creating right now.

I record a podcast on this subject, please check it out..

Why share art?

By sharing, I am expressing – and by expressing I am assisting this Shift – for myself, and for the collective. This Love Letter project is my joy. To create things has always been a love of mine, but over the years I have been very ill and have always felt creatively stifled. As I heal, I am finding a renewed energy for self-expression – for ME! I am doing this for me! Expressing myself – honestly and openly. And I am happy to share that openly.


I expect to be posting a few times a month. Content will be varied and eclectic – writings, photographs and snaps, videos, journals, scribbles and sketches. Truthful and honest, but with a positive and progressive tone.

Join me on my journey, and feel free to reply to any email if you have questions or suggestions.

Love, Aeryn 💜

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Northsoulstar Podcast

I have a Podcast hosted on Substack. please check it out..

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