Love Letter Launches - An introductory gift

50% discount subscription! And a nice cup of coffee..

Hello friend,

Whilst I find my feet with this new project of mine, I would like to offer a small gift of my appreciation to you for taking the time to click through and reading this message.

This is a Love Letter. A celebration of the Universe, of Earth – of New Earth, life, growth, love, creativity, words, pictures, and well, just the freedom to express! It’s a new project and it just seemed to start itself. The time and the energy seems right! So..

I am offering 50% discount – for the next few weeks – on your first month upgraded subscription of this Aeryn’s Love Letter. Just click the button below to complete your sign-up. You can cancel anytime, or revert to the free version of the newsletter.

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If you have received this message and you don’t know what this is all about please check out the ‘About’ page for more information of where I think this project is going, and the gifts I intend for upgraded subscribers.

By my calculation, this is about the cost of a large mug of my favourite coffee - the Coconut Latte! Yum! So I will get a quality moment with that hot, sweet, coconutty, caffeinated, deliciousness – and you will receive some marvelous gifts in return! ^_^

And don’t worry, if you prefer you can stick to the free newsletter – the upgraded version is entirely optional. All letters sent out will be made with the same love and care.

So, if this kind of project interests you, please help support it and forward this message to anyone who you think might be interested, and if you haven’t already – please subscribe to this “Aeryn’s Love Letter”.

With love, and thanks


Subscribe - 50% off first month