Stargate Sunrise

And the Sun Portal - a colouring page

Stargate Sunrise by Aeryn North 2019-05-17

Stargate Sunrise Transmission

Your Stargate Heart
Sunrise, Sun shine
Star love light
Data Transmission…

Dear One,
Your own heart is a portal
Like Sol, your sun, 
Stars, and Celestial Bodies,

All have a centre
Known as Black Holes
Like any object of perception
Therein contains a core
A Paradox

And in this time of
New Earth Awakening
And the Creator Self
You are invited to step
Into your Star Gate Heart

What is inside your own heart?
For it is an entire Universe
And Infinity

What will you choose?
What will you create?
How will you travel,
As you remain completely still?

What wonders of the Universe
Will you find in your own heart?

Step through
We are here

–The Universe, x

Hello Reader, I hope this Love Letter finds you well,

I thought I would share a little story, a little awakening inside me, the creator-me..

Stargate Sunrise started as a simple row of triangles at the bottom of the page. I thought I was going to continue like that all the way up the page. After a few rows, that inner voice was nudging me “this is a horizon now, and you you can draw a sun/portal above it”.

So, I drew it and then I felt there was a galaxy above it. But I asked “how do I draw a galaxy, for a colouring page?” and the reply was dropped in visually with “it represents a galaxy, it doesn’t need to look like it”. When I was done, I was really pleased with the simple picture I had cocreated, and was itching to colour it in. But then I had the idea that I could share it for anyone else that wants to download it and colour it themselves. 

Sun Portal Colouring Page, by Aeryn North 2019-05-16

And so the colouring started and it took a few hours over two days. And I had so much fun! 

It really means a lot for me to be able to express in this way. More than I can convey in words, but I will try.. 

For all of adult my life I have had this intense desire to create, but have always felt ‘blocked’. I put it down to this thing I heard about – “artist’s block”. And have felt endlessly frustrated knowing how much I enjoy painting, drawing, photography, and more without feeling able.  

And again in recent years, that feeling of being unable, unworthy, blocked from my own creative process. And I could never figure it out. I would try to push, but that would always be unenjoyable, and I couldn’t push through for very long before being burned out. Sometimes I would feel into that flow and enjoy creating again, but these times didn’t last. Nor could I even identify what these perceived blocks even were. I just felt pretty worthless as a creator. 

But I had this awakening – this grand opening into higher realms of conscious awareness. And I started to realise I was healing. And as I healed there have been some incredible bursts of creative inspiration. But then as I have also been integrating that healing, the inspiration fell away again. But as a general trend, these percieved blocks inside me have simply fallen away. I have learned that instead of giving up when inspiration falls away, I can simply put things on hold and just start fresh when I feel the energy to do so. 

In a video I recorded today “Current Energies. Creatorship. Speaking Truth. Releasing Programs.” (, I explain just how much I enjoyed the experience of creating this work. It was a revolutionary new experience for me to feel this freedom from feelings of unworthiness and not-good-enough. Just to simply enjoy each mark, each new shape, and colour for what it was. Without really understanding where the drawing was going, I simply let go and channeled the image from the Universe. 

But I wasn’t ready to publish, I felt there was a transmission to go along with the drawing. And so there was! And it feels good to have some text to go with it. 

Thank you for taking some time with me