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Hi I’m Aeryn,

And I’m Moving to New Earth! Blogging 5DLIFE - self-expression, freedom, creating, art, photography, beauty, divine inspiration, awakening, mysteries, stories, love, identity, and playfulness.


Yes, New Earth! Have you heard of it? Can you feel it? It’s here, already. It’s available to all, and the whole world is Awakening to it. Call it personal freedom; Peace on Earth; a Golden Age; the Great Awakening; or Ascension. It’s here and I am very happy to share my journey to a reality that is already here.


I have something to offer the world. And by sharing, I am assisting the Shift, for myself, and maybe for you too dear Reader. It isn’t The Truth™; it isn’t a service as such; or anything else I am doing for others. Rather, I am offering a thing I am already doing – for ME! Expressing myself – honestly and openly. And I am happy to share.


I expect to be posting once or twice a week. Content will be varied and eclectic – writings, videos, and art works. Truthful and honest, but with a positive and progressive tone.

Some posts go deeper, with included original files, assets, and greater access – these will be for a subscription charge.

Other projects (and social links) via my home page aerynnorth.com

I am placing a flag down with this post right here and starting fresh. This is the next new beginning in my journey diving headlong into “Creating A Better Life”. This is about empowerment. This is about being a true creator – of my LIFE, not just of things.

This is my Love.

Okay, so there might be something in it for you too. It will be totally worth it, I promise. I will be honest and share stuff that I don’t share publicly. Just stuff that isn’t for the ears or eyes of casual readers, or internet passersby. This stuff will be up-close and personal. It will be honest, and maybe raw. I will share full resolution art works and all kinds of bits and bobs that you can go ahead and re-use for your own purposes. There will be other stuff too maybe, but I will see how that goes – but I have ideas..



Twitter: @aerynnorth

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