The Good Morning Tree

A Love Letter to Photosynthesis

Good morning, Tree

We haven’t met before.

But I’ve noticed you

And today, I have seen you

The rising sun feels so good, doesn’t it?

See you on another day..


Hi, welcome back to my Aeryn’s Love Letter project. It’s been an incredible year, and much of my outward creativity has taken a back seat for a while. But I’m glad to say things are feeling clearer and I’ve been busy working away in the background, building various platforms that will help me create in the future.

One of these is my new art and photography website which I am uploading work to gradually. It’s a growing archive. I have also just created a Sketchbook Pages section which is created mainly for myself, but I’m excited to share with subscribers. Please check the top of your email for a link to the ‘private’ Sketchbook Pages section. And I intend to share other gifts with readers too - meaningful gifts that folks can download, and expand upon if they like - I have lots of ideas so please stay tuned.

This newsletter is intended to be a celebration of life, the Universe, and Everything as expressed through whichever medium suits me best at the time. I hope you enjoy it and it brings a little joy into your day.

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Thank you