Ice and Sun, New Years Eve

Photo Journal

Abney Hall Park, Cheadle. These photos were all taken with the Hipstamatic X app on my phone using a filter I call Thistle. 

Sometimes I’m just passing through a place, without any solid intentions to take photos, but the call to create comes in. So yesterday I was on my way to fetch my kids, and I’m lucky enough that the park is on my route. I took out my phone and allowed the inspiration to guide me. It was a really beautiful day. On the way out, more icy and snowy. And just an hour later, on our way home, the sun was out and my focus was drawn to the warm light on the trees. 

Painted Skies, Angel Clouds, Luscious Land

a Photo Journal


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with my parents. The first time in four and a half months of lockdown. They live out in the countryside and so I took my camera out for a walk where they live and snapped some photos. Here they are.. 

More photos from that day can be found in my Recently Uploaded Gallery, and in my Archive Gallery (password-protected archives for subscribers).


Dead Tree from Macclesfield Canal

This beautiful old tree bears a striking contrast to the lush green fields and waterway at my back. It is a prominent landmark seen from the canal, like a sentinel recently departed. I think I have found it on Google Maps and it seems it has only recently moved on. 


Pylon at Jacksons Brickworks

Jacksons Brickworks is a nature reserve near the canal. It is straddled by electricity pylons, which is an odd sight towering over this beauty spot, but a reminder of the industry that used to be here.


Pond at Jacksons Brickworks

The Brickworks are much more luscious and overgrown now than previous visits, I couldn’t spot any of the bricks this time. It’s an incredibly beautiful place, Nature has reclaimed it and made it her own. 


Painted Clouds, High Lane

The highlight of the day was the sky. It was full of those wispy, feathery clouds. I call them Angel Clouds. They feel really good. This photo is my favourite of the day and as I gaze at this photo I’m blown away by the textures and patterns present in the sky. It’s like a painting made by angels. 

Summer 2020

It’s been an incredible year, full of many ups and downs, but in the last month or so I have felt a return of my expressive self. The Me that loves to create and make art. The Me that has a passion for photography and exploring through that medium. I expect I will share that journey some time, maybe in a future edition of this newsletter. 

So, I have been very busy in recent moments when energy is up; I’ve been trawling through many thousands of files on my computer, I’ve been learning new software, and streamlining various web services I use. This whole Art by Aeryn project (as I call it) has been materialising into a Something this year. And so, here is a Newsletter, presented humbly but proudly, published for my own enjoyment, and hopefully for the pleasure of others as well. It’s been a joy to feel it manifesting, like a new chapter in my life. I don’t know where I am going with this, but this feels really good to me. 

I have many ideas and inspirations for this newsletter you are reading right now (which I have renamed a Sketchbook), my image gallery site, and other avenues of online, and offline expression. It’s been an incredible amount of work to simply begin, but I felt guided and motivated along the way to create a home, a platform from which I can express myself. As an act of self care and love, I hope these words, images, and expressions shine an authentic and honest light out into the world. 

The Good Morning Tree

A Love Letter to Photosynthesis

Good morning, Tree

We haven’t met before.

But I’ve noticed you

And today, I have seen you

The rising sun feels so good, doesn’t it?

See you on another day..


Hi, welcome back to my Aeryn’s Love Letter project. It’s been an incredible year, and much of my outward creativity has taken a back seat for a while. But I’m glad to say things are feeling clearer and I’ve been busy working away in the background, building various platforms that will help me create in the future.

One of these is my new art and photography website which I am uploading work to gradually. It’s a growing archive. I have also just created a Sketchbook Pages section which is created mainly for myself, but I’m excited to share with subscribers. Please check the top of your email for a link to the ‘private’ Sketchbook Pages section. And I intend to share other gifts with readers too - meaningful gifts that folks can download, and expand upon if they like - I have lots of ideas so please stay tuned.

This newsletter is intended to be a celebration of life, the Universe, and Everything as expressed through whichever medium suits me best at the time. I hope you enjoy it and it brings a little joy into your day.

More information about this Newsletter and different subscriptions and perks are on the About page.

Thank you

New life in the park

Abney Hall Park 2019-04-25


Hi, and welcome to my first 'new' letter since I got going with this project. I have been having lots of fun with my tech figuring out some things with my computer. It's been a real learning experience to be processing photos again after all this time. I used to be on my computer regularly – editing and processing photos from various projects, but in recent years I have got way out of the habit. Anyway, I think I have a few things worked out and maybe publishing my work can be a smoother and smoother experience for me as I get going. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy these photos..

with love, Aeryn

Here are some snaps from a lovely little wander I had in my local park a couple of days ago. It really was a joy to get out, and I am finding new energy this year to enjoy getting into nature again. I love spending time in this park, it's only a few minutes walk away and is my little oasis in the middle of this busy place where I can get some quiet time to connect, and space to heal.

More photos can be seen on this link.












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